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At present, the product category has reached more than 70 categories, more than 230 models, with an annual production capacity of more than 3 million units.

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We will continuing make use of the practical experience of our end users to research and develop more new and even better products.

Changde Water Meter's eWisdom Smart Water Cloud Platform is a complete integrated management platform for water business, including business charging system, intelligent meter reading system, household packaging system, leakage monitoring assistant decision system, production scheduling system, SCADA system, GIS. Geographic management system, GPS inspection system, customer service system.

IC card prepaid water meter system

Changde brand contact-less IC card water meter as a data carrier, automatic charging function, the management will write user’s pay fees into IC card, brush into the data and accounting surplus water meter automatic water supply capacity, valves control will be closed after used up of water, can be used after buying. This type water meter are widely used in various parts of the country.

Automatic meter reading system

The remote centralized meter reading system is composed of remote water meter, collecting equipment, communication network and system main station, which realizes the collection, transmission, export and storage of water quantity data, and monitors the running status of the watch in real time, with water quantity statistical analysis and settlement charges. , remote valve control, SMS reminder and other functions, to provide accurate and timely water quantity information data for the management department to implement the ladder charge.

Wireless positioning meter reading management system

It is an automatic meter reading and query solution based on GPS satellite positioning, GPRS wireless network, wireless chip positioning, electronic map, computer intelligent monitoring technology. The meter reader carries a handheld collector (smart meter reading king), through satellite navigation, “Wireless chip” positioning, identifying water meter information, scanning digital water meter, automatically collecting water quantity information, automatically metering and billing, and uploading data back to the background server in real time through GPRS network. The manager monitors the water meter and meter reading in real time in the background.

An open comprehensive management platform of water,using cloud computing, big data, and IoT technologies to provide support for improving water management.


Changde Water Meter will attend Vietbuild 2019 exhibition in Vietnam,National Exhibition Construction Center (NECC) from 4th-8th,Spt,2019 Warmly Welcome your visit to us,our booth number is A4-508 !!!
Changde Water Meter will attend Vietbuild 2019 exhibition in Vietnam,National Exhibition Construction Center (NECC) from 4th-8th,Spt,2019
Warmly Welcome your visit to us,our booth number is A4-508 !!!
“New Duty, New Strategy and New Development”——2018 Changde Water Meter Annual Ceremony
On January 31, 2019, the 2018 annual ceremony of Changde Water Meter was grandly held at the Supreme Banquet Hotel. The theme of the annual meeting of “New Duty, New Strategy and New Development”, special guests of Changde Water Meter, all employees and their families gathered together.
Hunan Changde water meter signed a contract with Changsha Unicom to carry out in-depth cooperation in all directions!
On the afternoon of October 24, 2017, Hunan Changde Water Meter and Changsha Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement.